Hey lovelies!

Today was a very dark & rainy day in the City of Toronto, but I didn’t want to let that stop me! I still wanted to dress up and feel good even though the rain can make us feel otherwise. So, why not style with the weather, rather than fighting against it? 

1. Colour
I did decided to wear dark greys and black throughout my outfit (as per usual #popofblack), but, I did want to add some colour as well! One colour I always feel fits the mood of a dark and stormy day is burgundy. So, I paired my new bucket bag that was gifted to me from Hi Eleven, which added the perfect colour that I was looking for to fit the mood of the day! It will be linked below for you guys to check out. 

2. Shape
I always get the desire to throw on something oversized when it is rainy outside-makes me feel more cozy I guess! So, I threw on my boyfriend’s distressed jean coat (from Zara) which added the big boxy shape I was going for. To contrast with this and add a more feminine touch, I layered a velvet bodysuit underneath with high-wasted skinny jeans. 

3. Hair & Beauty
I don’t know about you guys, but my hair + rain does not work well together. I end up with a super frizzy mess when I walk anywhere! So, I tied my hair up in a high pony tail and it was able to stay looking decent all afternoon! I also added a nice dark lip to fit the mood as well (this is my favourite winter lipgloss which I will have linked below). 

Hope you guys enjoy! X

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