After coming off of a week filled with a bit of anxiety and feeling de-motivated, I felt inspired to write it down and explain to you guys how I got myself out of it. I look back at how I dealt with those feelings and it was so extremely obvious that it was not the right thing to do lol. But, sometimes it takes these days to learn how you can handle it more positively the next time.

To start off, if you are feeling this way, try your best not to sit in bed and binge watch Netflix like I did. I know you are probably thinking, “that’s all I want to do like every day”. Trust me, I know, it’s probably the easiest way out! BUT, there is definitely a time and a place for spending your whole day doing that. 

So what did I do? Watched a whole season of, Are You the One?, on MTV. Yes, a WHOLE season. I really need to take my own advice guys haha. Although super entertaining in a really dumb way, it definitely did not get me out of my mood and made me feel SO much worse because I didn’t leave my bed. 

I thought to myself, “tomorrow is a new day”. So, here are a couple ways, step-by-step that I like to get myself up and motivated for the day:

1. Make your bed in the morning
I know this sounds super simple, but I swear, there is something about starting your day off in the right direction by making your bed. It’s like okay, yes, I accomplished one thing already today. Also, I am a bit of a clean-freak when it comes to my apartment and my obsession is satisfied once this is done. Try it out! I promise you will feel a little bit more accomplished & motivated to do something else next.

2. Take a bit more time in the morning to make your self feel good
            I found that this was so key for me. When I was feeling down, I made sure I got up, made myself a smoothie, did my hair & makeup a bit nicer than I usually do, and put on a really cool outfit. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with doing this to make yourself feel better, it gave me more confidence in getting things done because I was feeling how I looked haha! For me, my style defines me in a lot of ways, so feeling good in my outfit really does resonate throughout the day.

3. Plan out your week
            Honestly, whenever I feel like this, it is usually because I am feeling behind or a bit overwhelmed in my work. The best way I solve that is to sit and write in my agenda day-by-day what I plan to do for the week. It puts me in the right mind-set and I like to physically check things off when I complete them. There is something SO satisfying and rewarding about that. I usually do this at a coffee shop as well, because as you guys know, café’s are like my second home.

4. Look at the list you made and complete the thing you don’t want to do first
            The hardest part about making a list of things to do is then feeling overwhelmed about everything that needs to get done. Our natural instinct is to start with the thing that is easiest or most fun. I find starting with the least-fun and one thing that maybe takes a bit more effort, makes the rest of what I need to do seem super seamless. This will make you feel way more motivated and on top of things for the week!

Hope these easy little tips helped you guys! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed them and I will definitely keep thinking of other ways to help with motivation. I hope you guys have a super positive week this week & if not, can learn from it for next time. Xx

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