If you are anything like me & leave things to the last minute, you are probably scrambling trying to figure out what to wear, what to get your significant other, or what to even do on Valentine’s day (while also staying on a budget). I found myself in this exact situation, (which is why my post is going up the day before V-Day lol). But, I was finally able to put something together and wanted to share some of my ideas for those of you trying to conquer last minute Valentine’s Day plans.

1. What to Wear!?!?
When thinking about what I wanted to wear for my Valentine’s date night out, I started to feel really stuck as I went in to multiple store’s displaying bright red’s and pink’s in their windows. If you guys don’t already know, I don’t even think I own anything bright red or pink unless it’s a burgundy or maybe like…nude lol?

So, if I can give you guys one tip for dressing for V-day, it’s to not stray away from your true style and what you like, just because the holiday has certain “associations”. I am not about to dress up with red hearts and lips all over my top lol.

Which is why I decided to create an edgy Valentines day look, which many of you can re-create in your own way with 4 simple items, creating a look perfect for any kind of date you are going on!

All you need is:
1. Pleather skirt
2. Leather jacket
3. Black sweater
4. Black booties
* All linked below!

2. Staying on That Budget

I also did not want to spend a lot on my outfit because you know a girl is on a budget #studentlife. But, I still want to feel like I am wearing something “new” for the night out.

In terms of my outfit, the only piece you will have to buy is the leather skirt, & the other items I am sure you can find in your closet (even better for being last minute)! This skirt was $39.50 and I was good to go for my outfit!

If you are looking for a fun-budget friendly gift for your significant other, I always like to suggest something for you both to do together. Sometimes it can be more thoughtful and will create an awesome memory.

Not too long ago, my boyfriend and I went to “Paint Nite”, where you literally drink alcohol and go to a paintclass lol. It sounds kinda crazy at first but was the most fun night I had had in a while, and is around $100 for both of you included – and you can buy the tickets online which is so good if you are scrambling for a gift! (My boyfriend and I decided on no gifts this year for V-day- but I wanted to give you guys this idea!)

3. Date Plans?
In terms of what I am even doing for Valentine’s day, at the moment, I would say that is a great question… My boyfriend and I have been together for three years and every year has looked extremely different in terms of what we do for V-day. This year, he is spending it in the rehearsal studio. Lol (He is a musician). So I guess even people in relationships can be date-less.

I am sure everyone may have their own personal date struggle when it comes to Valentine’s day, but if anyone is in a similar situation to me, my best advice is to just plan for another night & try to be as flexible as possible because you know you want to dress up and have that special night one way or another!

Instead, on the day of Valentine’s day, I’m planning on making a night dedicated to me (Mcdonald’s, chocolate, Netflix and all), which actually sounds amazing.

Comment below what you guys are doing for Valentine’s day! Hope you enjoyed. xx


  1. Gemma duffy
    February 13, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    I’m stuffing my face w food because why not 😂 Hope you have a fab day nat 💕

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