This week I am answering a question that is asked a TON and am super excited to share all of my “secrets” for how I edit my instagram photos in 3 MINUTES! A lot of you ask mainly how I get my photos to look so grey and how my feed looks so consistent. Well, I am here to spill all of the juicy details.

Now that I have started up my youtube channel again, I created an easy to follow video, where you guys can follow along with me while I edit one of my photos.

In the video, I show three apps, including: Facetune ($2.99), VSCO (free, but I purchased the ‘A’ series filters for $2.99) and UNUM (free). Below, I will have detailed each of the steps for you guys to reference, but for now, take a quick watch of the video on how I edit my instagram photos:


1. Open up the Facetune app to use the “whiten” tool.
This app is a legit life-saver (I promise you it is worth the $2.99)! Anyone I know who uses this app says the same thing. There are so many different tools that a lot of other editing apps don’t have. The main one is the “whiten” tool, which I use on every single photo and is the bread to my butter for how I edit my instagram photos. All you do is rub the areas that you want to make “whiter” and viola! This is how you achieve the “grey” look that many of you guys ask me about!

2. Use the “erase” tool to be more precise with your “whiten” edit.
Sometimes when using the whiten tool, you tend to go over areas that you don’t mean to make whiter. Zoom into the photo to really see the fine details and use the eraser to erase the areas you didn’t mean to go over! Click ‘Share’ in the top right corner to save!

3. Move over to VSCO (oh, the infamous VSCO)!
I am not sure why people say that VSCO is so “basic”!? I know a lot of bloggers/content creators who still use it because it allows for you to find a filter that works and be able to stick to it! I use one of their paid-for presets called, “The Minimalist Collection”, and use the ‘A9’ filter. My first step is to click on this filter and take it down to about half of the intensity. I don’t like to keep the filter at 100% because this tends to make the photos look really unnatural. But, this is your chance to play with whatever look you want to go for!

4. Turn the exposure down a bit on VSCO.
I like my photos to look a little bit darker or almost like it is in a bit of a shadow. The only other tool I use on VSCO is the exposure, which I turn down to about -1. When you turn it really high up, exposure makes things super bright, and in the opposite direction makes the photo extremely dark. So, I only make a subtle change here at -1.

5. After saving from VSCO, take your photo over to UNUM.
UNUM is a really cool app that allows you to plan out your feed and schedule your posts. But, it actually also has some amazing editing tools. The first thing I do is use the “shadows” tool. I turn this tool down to about -30-40. This really is an important step as it is what brings out all of the black tones in the photo. it is really what makes the photo POP.

6. Next, I use the saturation tool!
This is subtle step that I take but makes a big difference in my overall feed. I like to turn down the saturation to about -30. I like my photos to have an overall monochrome/neutral look, so turning the saturation down a bit takes away any super bright colours from the photo.

7. The last step…the sharpness!
This step really just puts the finishing touch on the photo. Since a lot of the time I use my phone to take my photos, I like to increase the sharpness to about +30 to really make the finer details stand out a bit more and make the photo look more crisp.

Okay, so seriously, how easy was that!? Hope you guys enjoyed this post on how I edit my instagram photos! Talk soon xo.

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