Selling The Purse That Started My Blogging Career on MCouture

When I got my first designer purse, it was the most amazing feeling ever. For all of you girls out there who love fashion and can relate to this feeling, you totally know what I mean (basically a fashion dream come true!). The bag ended up having the most significance in my career as a blogger and now I am selling it…

I got the purse for my 21st birthday as a gift from my boyfriend, and let me tell you, I didn’t even pick it out or give him any hints. He picked it out 100% and that is when you know you 100% picked the right guy!

It is the Alexander Wang Prisma Crossbody Bag. It was the most perfect choice because it had the right amount of edge to it, yet versatile enough that I could wear it on the daily. These types of pieces are exactly what kind of style I like (minimal with a bit of edge). But, now I am listing it on MCouture to sell!

You guys can shop the bag here:

When I first heard of MCouture, it made me super excited because I was kind of itching to upgrade to a new purse as a new step into my career as a blogger (more on that in a few). MCouture is a Canadian website for you to shop pre-loved luxury products. They make it super easy to sell your beloved designer pieces, knowing it will go into the right hands! So, I decided to sell the bag as I have got a ton of use from it & whenever it sells, I will go on the hunt for a new bag!

P.S. MCouture also has a ton of bags I already have my eye on (*dreams of a Chanel*).

I feel a mix of emotions letting go of it because it has so much significance! When I first got it, it was when I had just started my blog, Pop of Black. As a way to kickstart my blogging career, having a new purse that I had fallen in love with and was so special, really gave me some of the confidence and motivation to get out on the street and take some outfit photos while wearing it. It really did define my overall style when you look back at a lot of my posts on instagram from about a year ago.

Now that I have taken my career to another level, as a full-time job almost a year later, I feel like it is time to get a new purse-baby to kickstart a new chapter in my work!

If you guys have any suggestions for what bag I should upgrade to, comment below! xx

This post was sponsored by MCouture, but all views are 100% honest and my own. 

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