When deciding how to create an instagram theme, it doesn’t always come easy and sometimes takes a lot of trial and error before finding a look that feels the most you. Whether you like to post your photos just for fun or are looking to expand your instagram into a business, developing an aesthetic will be the basis of your overall branding & attracting your community!

Here are some of my best tips & tricks for how to create an instagram theme and aesthetic:

1. Pick a filter (or a few) & stick to it!
One of my biggest tips is definitely to pick out a certain filter to keep consistent throughout your whole feed. This really does keep every photo looking consistent & sets the tone for your brand identity. Whether you want a warm look, vibrant look, or cool toned look, VSCO has a ton of amazing filters to choose from. Personally, I use the filter “J5” from VSCO on every photo!

Hack: head over to Pinterest and search “VSCO themes”. They have a ton of boards which layout different theme “looks” and exactly the filter and edits to achieve that theme. These can be a great way to have a base for what kind of look you want to create on your feed:
how to make your instagram feed look good

Before moving forward, it is important to note to never try to exactly copy someone else’s theme/aesthetic. Yes, it’s totally cool to get inspo from other people, but at the end of the day you want your look to be unique to you!

2. Consistent background imagery.
Another one of my best tips for how to create an instagram theme/aesthetic is to stick to consistent background imagery. For my personal brand, I love to promote the downtown city feel and atmosphere. So, in the majority of my photos, I highlight things like: graffiti, red brick walls, city streets, tall buildings, all within my backgrounds. This keeps my feed looking consistent, while also establishing an overall brand and identity of being a girl in the downtown city:

Maybe you want to go for more of a “pretty, soft & classy” look, so you might want to consider taking photos with a majority of floral backdrops and beautiful, intricate architecture. Whatever it may be, this really does set the “tone” of your brand and what kind of message you are establishing to your community in a visual way.

3. Pick certain colour’s to focus on within the photo.
Now, this one can get super tough at times, especially if you want to switch up the colour’s of your outfits, or, you are travelling and all of a sudden there is blue water from the beach in your background (more on this below). But, where you can, stick to certain colour schemes to keep your feed looking consistent. Maybe you have pops of red with monochrome backgrounds, or you stick to tones of blue and brown’s, for more of a beachy look. Figure out what colour’s you want to focus on and it will help you set the tone of your feed to create a theme/aesthetic.

Implementing new colour’s on your feed:
When implementing a new colour into your feed, it is important to then post that same colour at least 2-3 more times after it within your feed. This will help integrate the colour into your feed and it won’t look like the one random photo with the pop of pink in the middle of your feed. This is great for travelling, especially if you are typically more monochrome but want to add some colourful backdrops from your recent vacay in Hawaii. All you have to do is implement a few more photos with that colour and you are good to go!

(e.g.) Implementing the colour yellow in the bottom row and the colour blue in all three rows (starting from the sky in that bottom left photo).

4. Alternate the depth of your photos on the grid.
Alright, we are about to get real technical here! One of my next tips for creating a more “appealing” looking feed is to alternate the depth of your photos. As you can see in my feed in the photo above, I alternate posting a photo which is more close up to a full body shot. Alternating the depth in this way keeps the eye moving inwards and outwards and creates a more interesting look to your feed overall. Another way to do this is to take a photo up against a wall and then alternating it by having the full depth of a street behind you. Keeping this in mind when planning out your IG feed will be super helpful to creating a more interesting, but consistent look!

Was this helpful? Did it answer your questions about how to create an instagram theme? Let me know in the comments!

For more content: here is a video for how I edit my instagram photos when I used the A9 filter, check it out!

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