Habits to keep you motivated daily are SO important. We all have those days that just seem to drag on and on. You know the ones, where we go a little stir-crazy thinking about everything we have to do, but yet, get nothing done. Trust me, I sure have those!!

But, whether you work from home or not, I have 9 girl-boss habits to keep you motivated daily and have more productive, successful days to look forward to.

I have been working from home & running my business for a full year now, and these 9 habits have been my saving grace when it comes to keeping productive & feeling like my true girl-boss self.

Let’s do this!

habits to keep you motivated daily

habits to keep you motivated daily

1. Make your bed (yeah okay, mom).
I have been doing this one for as long as I can remember. As soon as I wake up, it is one of the first things I do. Why? It get’s me in the mindset of completing a task and gives me the motivation to go and complete more tasks within my day. Within 5 minutes of waking up, you can already have one task completed (YES!). Definitely had to be on the top of my list for habits to keep you motivated daily!

2. Listen to a podcast.
Podcasts have been my most recent obsession (not sure where I have been for the past year on these). But, they keep me soooo inspired and motivated. I especially love to listen to them in the morning when I wakeup and am getting ready for my day OR when I feel myself starting to slow down on my work throughout the day. My favourites are The Influencer Podcast and Girl Boss Radio. This keeps me constantly learning and feeling inspired by other women, female entrepreneurs & creatives!

3. Write down your goals for the day.
Physically writing down your goals each day is SO KEY. Every day, I sit with my coffee and write down 5-7 goals/tasks that I have to complete that day. This keeps me going and it feels great to cross them off as I get things done within the day. Think about if you were to do this every day & how much you would get done in a week!

4. Meditate at least once a day.
I feel like when people hear the word ‘meditation’ they immediately think they need to go sit cross legged and start saying uhmmmmm. But, no, this is not how you have to meditate. Meditation is simply taking a dedicated amount of time, controlling your breathing and your thoughts to the present moment, to bring yourself back to a higher frequency. When I say higher frequency, it means a point of gratitude, calmness, to de-stress. I love doing this when I wake up because it sets the tone of my day and really puts me into a positive state of mind.

Try it: Set a timer on your phone, sit somewhere quiet, and focus your thoughts on your breathing. It can be so simple but so effective!

5. Exercise / go for a walk.
If you are like me, the gym hasn’t really been “my thing”(you go girl if you are dedicated to the gym). I grew up playing competitive sports, but as life changed, that part of my life kind of went to the side. But, with that being said, I love to walk everywhere! Living downtown Toronto, you are kind of forced to walk where-ever you need to go, and I really have built such a love for it. Throughout my day I try to go for one walk all by myself, throw on some music, and totally clear my mind. It is one of my favourite things to do!

6. Habits to keep you motivated daily: Drink your water!
Your mind, overall health & skin will be thankful that you did! Nothing is worse for your mind and overall energy than de-hydration.

7. Use the Five Minute Journal.
If you haven’t heard of the Five Minute Journal, you need it in your life! It is a book which allows you to write down 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things which will make today great, and one daily affirmation in the morning AND 3 amazing things that happened that day, and how you could’ve made today even better. There is even a free app that they recently launched, making it that much easier to use!

Whether you use it every day, or once a week, being conscious of these types of thoughts is SO helpful. It keeps you aware of the things that are making you happy and maybe the things that aren’t. Gratitude is the true key to happiness! & when we are happy & grateful we are more motivated to be our most badass / girl-boss selves!

8. Read a book before bed.
Reading is such a hobby of mine, I was that kid that would have her nose in a book all week long. Then, school hit & my nose had to be in a textbook (bore). So, now that I am out of school, I have found my love for reading again because I have the freedom to read whatever I want, whenever I want! Rather than watching a tv show before bed, try reading a book! It allows you to escape to another world for a little while and is super therapeutic & relaxing if you have trouble falling to sleep.

Having this time to yourself at the end of the night allows you to put your work to the side for a moment & allows you to try to go to sleep with a clear mind. This way, you can wake up ready to kill it in the morning! Nothing is worse than going to bed with a cluttered mind.

9. Have a bomb skincare routine (AM/PM).
One of the most exciting parts of the day is my skincare routine. It feels so refreshing to prep your skin for the day or take off all of your makeup at the end of the day. I have been a lot more mindful of the products I am using and staying consistent with my skincare routine because it really does make me feel SO GOOD. When you put time into yourself like this, it leaves you feeling more confident and motivated to take on your goals!

I am definitely going to be sharing my fav skincare products in a blog post soon, so stay tuned!

So, there we have it! My 9 girl-boss habits to keep you motivated daily for success and motivation. OH YEAH.

You guys can totally do this!

What is your fav tip from this “habits to keep you motivated daily” list? Do you already do some of these tips? Comment below!

If you are looking for more girl-boss motivational tips, take a read of my “5 Ways to Start Taking Risks Towards Your Dream Job“. Your girl-boss life is just around the corner!!

 Talk to you guys soon – Natalie xo


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