Why the Number’s Aren’t Everything on Instagram

Often times, us bloggers get SO obsessed over our following counts, to the point we forget about the things that really matter on instagram. We might even delete a photo if it’s not doing well enough (I have been guilty of this – I will admit). Or, we might even go as far to think that we can’t be successful if we don’t have X amount of followers. So. not. true. So, here’s why the numbers aren’t everything on instagram.

Over the past few months, I have totally switched my mindset to not obsess over the numbers and let me tell you, it’s made me so much happier and is definitely one of my biggest instagram accomplishments to date. Better yet, I have totally found my unique voice, story and purpose, along the way because of this change in mindset.

Having a follower-growth only mindset will literally take over your life, putting you in a never ending spiral of comparison, defeat, and limiting beliefs. Often times, this growth can be out of your control, & we put too much of our time and energy into this when it could be spent doing way more effective things.

Now, I am not saying to completely forget about the numbers. They definitely are a factor and you can create strategies to continue to get authentic growth. But, obsessing over them is NOT helpful and you can be 100% successful with a “smaller” & slower-growing following.

Instead, focus on creating a higher engagement with the followers who are showing up to your page everyday!

And hey, having 5,000 followers is not “small”, can you picture that many people in a room listening to what you have to say? Wow!

Here are some typical “limiting beliefs” about having a “smaller” following and my responses as to why the number’s aren’t everything on instagram:

Limiting belief #1:
“I should change up my content to be like hers because she is growing so quickly, so it must work”.

You have to be true to yourself. Period.

why the number's aren't everything on instagram

First things first, copying someone else’s content strategy is a quick spiral down to failure. I mean, a lot of us have probably tried this out when either desperation or inspiration blocks hit. But, you can never do what someone else is doing better than they are. You will also be left feeling super unfulfilled because it didn’t come from your own creativity & your followers will most likely see through it.

Find your own unique spin on things, this is what helps you cut through the clutter of all the other bloggers out there because no one can be YOU. Emphasize the parts of you that make you, you. It’s an unbeatable plan!

Limiting belief #2:
“I probably could never work with that brand because I don’t have enough followers” or “If I don’t have X amount of followers, I won’t be able to be successful & make it a job”.

why the number's aren't everything on instagram

Working with McDonald’s Canada this past January! (Dream come true if you know my love for McD’s lol)

Times have changed and micro-influencers are killing it right now!

A lot of times, you might be looking to some of the biggest influencers in the game and think to yourself “how the hell am I going to get there?”. You have to remember, a lot of the largest bloggers in the world started when instagram wasn’t even a thing and people didn’t even know what a blog was. What worked for them back in the day, is not necessarily what your journey is going to look like, and that’s totally okay!

Because, guess what? Micro-influencers are a hot commodity these days!

A lot of the biggest brands actually strategize to only work with micro-influencers because they tend to have such strong engagement rates & their communities are that much more into whatever you ave to say!

why the number's aren't everything on instagram

So, how can you start really putting this mindset into place…


1. Focus on creating content that has a PURPOSE.
What a lot of bloggers tend to miss (and something I was guilty of missing for a while too) is having a defined purpose to your brand. What problem are you solving for your followers? Maybe your goal is to inspire young women to find affordable style items and outfits under $100. So, you make it your mission to provide your followers with this value (make sure your bio represents this, your stories are providing this, and your captions tell a story around this purpose).

Let me tell you, having a purpose with your content, will totally lessen the pressure of trying to be “the best” or competing with anyone else because hey, you have a purpose and you are helping your followers in a unique way!

2. Focus on building a super engaged following, who follow you, for you.
Even if it is a slow build, building an engaged following who really do buy-in to what you have to say is WAY more meaningful than having hundreds of thousands of followers who couldn’t give two shits what you have to say. Also, brands are a lot smarter these days and definitely respect the bloggers with real, engaged communities.

3. Stop comparing (I know easier said than done), but really, just stop.
The comparison game is DEATHLY. A lot of bloggers scroll mindlessly on their feeds for hours in a day, constantly comparing themselves to the next girl because they “need to find inspiration”. But, I challenge you to:
1. Start finding inspiration ELSEWHERE. Go out for a walk in your city, read a book, listen to music, find inspiration in other ways & your content is going to come out that much more unique.
2. Only pick up your phone with purpose! Do you need to message someone? Do you need to post? Do you need to engage with your lovely followers? Stop the random scrolling!!

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