What Every Girl-Boss Needs This Summer

It’s the first day of summer today and I figured it would be an awesome time to share some of my favs and….have a first day of summer giveaway to kick-off an amazing summer!

The best part about it is, everything mentioned in this blog post is included in my First Day of Summer Giveaway happening over on my instagram @nataliealysa (over $500 worth of product!). WHAT!? So exciting! I took some time picking these amazing items out for you (also are some of my favourites) from beauty to fashion to wine. Yes, I said wine!


Us hard-working girls all need a bit of pampering and self-love in the summer months, so get ready for a full bundle of items to recharge this summer!

First things first, my fav WINE!

1. Food Truck Wines (The Chardonnay & Shiraz) – a girl needs her options right!?
I was recently introduced to Food Truck Wines , now available at the LCBO, and I will say, I am picky with my wine. But, this Australian wine is sooo amazing, perfect for the summer months! The wine was developed as a perfect compliment to the Australian cuisine. So, I guess this is an excuse for me to make a trip there soon? I think so!


My favourite is the Chardonnay (I am definitely more of a white-wine drinker), it is super smooth & I can’t help but poor myself a glass and go sit outside on my balcony at the end of the day. For those of you red wine ladies, it is rich, but still such an inviting flavour!

The bottles are also super cute & make for the perfect photo (priorities).

So poor a glass & enjoy the sun this summer, you deserve it girl!

2. Viviscal’s Healthy Hair Products.


So, I don’t know about you guys but in the summer months (with all of the sun & chlorine), my hear tends to get super dry and blah. So, I was really excited to be introduced to these two lines of product by Viviscal. Here is a bit about each:

Extra Strength Supplements: You take them twice a day for 3-6 months, and they promote thicker, fuller hair (a celeb cult favourite product too so I’m into it lol). I really wanted to add these supplements into the giveaway for you guys and my summer fav list because I have heard so many great things & often hear girl’s complaining that they wish they had longer or thicker hair. It’s a great time to start on the supplements so that you set yourself up for Fall/Winter!


Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range (Shampoo, Conditioner, & Elixir):
So I am super excited about this range because this is the part in my hair routine where I feel like my hair gets super dry (especially in the summer). If you aren’t using hydrating and quality shampoo & conditioner, I can definitely tell when it just sucks the life out of your hair. This range also helps with the thickness & length, while gently cleansing, overall making your hair healthier. The Elixir, is more of a leave-in treatment, helping to build a healthy look to your hair all day long.

Sign me up for healthier, thicker AND longer hair!?

3. PUR’s 4-in-1 Blush Book


In the summer months, I tend to stay away from a full face of makeup. But, what I love to do, is add a light coat of mascara, a BB cream, and a bit of a blush for a super light everyday look. I came across the 4 in 1 blush book by PUR a while ago and was so obsessed, I had to add in it for you guys!

It has a range of warm to cool pigments, with a mix of matte & shimmer formula. The great thing about PUR products too is that they are cruelty/paraben/gluten free, & vegan friendly!

4. Straw Bags (Urban Outfitters)


In terms of fashion favs, I absolutely am obsessed with these straw bags. It turns any summer outfit into a super trendy and cute look. So, I thought, why not throw all of the goodies inside the giveaway inside this bag & give it to one of you lucky ladies! This one is from Urban Outfitters if you are on the lookout!

5. Avatara Face Mask’s


I recently got to try out a couple of Avatara’s face masks & they are so refreshing. They are a perfect addition to your summer skincare routine, especially if you want to have a little treat to yourself one evening.

The masks are ultra-thin, soft mask material, which makes it super soothing in comparison to some of the other face mask situations out there. So excited to add a bunch of these inside the giveaway for you guys!

6. Saje “Immune” Roller


One of my favourite parts of my day is when I get to use my Saje rollers. One of my favourites is the peppermint roller (I am prone to migraines and it helps relax the tension and pain). So, I had to add another fav of mine, the Immune roller, which has such a relaxing feel and can be used to fight off any colds or flu like symptoms. They are also amazing to roll onto the palm of your hand and slowly breath in the scent as a de-stresser!

7. GIRL CODE by Cara Alwill Leyba

image_6483441 (8).JPG

Last but certainly not least, is one my favourite books, GIRL CODE, by Cara Alwill Leyba. I highly recommend this book to you ladies who are female entrepreneurs and are looking for new ways to be successful. It focuses on the interaction between women and how important relationship and collaboration is with one another & business. I am so excited to add this in the giveaway & pass it along to one of you!

This post has been generously sponsored by Foodtruck Wines & Viviscal, the opinions are my own and in no way do they reflect Foodtruck Wines & Viviscal.


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