Sleep Review: Endy’s Canadian-Made Mattress

After finishing up University a couple years ago and moving into a new condo with my boyfriend, you could say that adult-life really kicked in (not always the easiest transition to say the least).

One of our biggest #adulting moments was having to start investing in new pieces for our condo which we knew was important as we would have these pieces for years to come. One of the items we really procrastinated on looking into was a new mattress. I feel like you don’t really know the difference between an ‘alright’ mattress and a great mattress until you actually sleep on a great mattress lol!

This was exactly the case for us as we had no idea what we were missing out on until learning about Endy. We got one of their Queen sized mattresses and it has been 6 months since our sleep has completely changed. For someone who loves their sleep, it’s been crazy to see how much better my sleep experience could actually get.

A mattress is a bigger expense, especially for those just transitioning into living on their own, like myself, so I wanted to take the time to tell you my honest opinions on the Endy mattress and what you can expect:

1. Less tossing and turning

So my boyfriend tends to move around a lot at night, like a lot, which also means I get woken up many times throughout the night when he does so. But, our new Endy mattress has totally eliminated this for me which is a miracle because I never wake up in the middle of the night when he moves around anymore.

The Endy mattress has what’s called a “Transition Foam” which provides a gradual transfer of energy to achieve zero motion transfer. So all in all, you can move around a ton and it won’t wake up your sleeping partner!

2. Dog-friendly

We also share the bed with our dog, Louie, who sleeps right under the covers at the bottom where our feet lie (it’s pretty cute). But, this also means that his hair gets through to the mattress which was of a concern for mattresses that can’t be easily washed.

The Endy mattress comes with a “Micro-Quilted Cover” which can be removed and easily washed at your own convenience. This was a major perk for me and having a dog who sleeps in the bed to keep things fresh and clean!

3. Better for sharing

Since there are three of us sleeping in the bed, things can get hot in temperature at night because of the body heat – especially in the summer months. My boyfriend and I are both pretty hot sleepers, so I was curious to see how a mattress could really help with this without having to blast A/C at night in the warmer months.
What I learnt about the Endy is that it has a “Comfort Foam” which allows for better air-flow than traditional memory foam, where it releases heat faster. The mattress stays consistently firm in all months of the year and is temperature regulated, so it really does help regulate your sleep between Canada’s season changes.

4. Comfort in the details

Not only were we able to try out their mattress, but also their customizable pillow. Yes, that’s a thing! I had no idea that a pillow could change so many things about a better quality sleep but my mind was blown after 6 months of sleeping on this pillow.

The Endy pillow has a built-in foam which can be customized based on the kind of sleeper you are. So if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, Endy has made the pillow in a way that can be customized to suit the way you sleep. Or, if you prefer a certain height and/or firmness to your pillow, this can be customized as well. Insane!

Final thoughts:

With all of these qualities combined, it has made for a much better sleep and more productive days for my boyfriend and I! There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night and waking up in a bad mood because of an uncomfortable sleep.

A good night’s sleep has made all the difference in being able to wake up earlier and feel energized to take on the day. We both work from home as entrepreneurs,  so this has really been the game-changer the past 6 months in helping us both feel that more more motivated to get our days going.

P.S.: Endy offers a 100 night trial, so if you don’t love it, they’ll pick it up and reimburse you. It’s also covered by a 10-year limited warranty. It also ships free to all provinces across Canada.

If you want to try out an Endy mattress, you can check out any of their showrooms. If you also choose to purchase one, you can use my code POPOFBLACK50 for $50 off any size of Endy Mattress.

Disclaimer: This post, along with all the Instagram posts and stories I’ve shared regarding Endy are sponsored. 

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