How to save $ from your night’s out ft. the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard

As a young entrepreneur living in the city, there is no shortage of dinner dates & night’s out in order to network for your business (& the must-have wine-night’s with your friends). This also brings on the need to be more aware of this kind of spending as food & entertainment can definitely become a major expense for anyone, especially living in a big city.

When it comes to spending on meals + entertainment, a credit card can be a major factor in having a solid financial plan & saving. As I move into adulthood, terms like “low interest rates”, “earning points” & “low annual fees” have suddenly become exciting to me. It’s funny how things change as you get older…This is why I was so excited to be invited to celebrate at the launch event of the new and unique HSBC Rewards +Mastercard for a night of the unexpected – and it sure was! We were taken on a journey through multiple cities around the world of themed rooms while having the chance to learn about the unique features of the credit card.

Here’s the low-down…

About the card:

The HSBC +Rewards Mastercard has one of the lowest interest rates in Canada at 11.9% while allowing you to earn points on your meals and entertainment which can be used on travel, savings accounts, etc. Like what!? Typically when you get a card with an interest rate that low, you don’t get the luxury of earning points on categories like this.

Here is more of a detailed list of the features it includes…


– the only credit card in the Canadian Market with a low 11.9% interest rate + rewards program

– the program offers double the points on dining & entertainment purchases (*eligible to merchants classified in the Mastercard network)

– a super unique design with hidden features activated by blacklight

– redeem points for travel, products/gift-cards, an HSBC mortgage, on another credit card, or savings account

– a low annual fee of $25/year

I mean…if you are going to be spending your money on food + drinks regardless, you mind as well be earning points while you are at it, right!?

How to apply for one:

So this offer is available until October 31st, 2019 and to apply for one of the cards you can apply online at: or visit your local branch! If you apply before the 31st you will receive an annual fee rebate for the Primary Cardholder for the first year and 5,000 sign-up bonus rewards points.

Alright guys, if you are someone like me who spends a good amount of their disposable budget on food + entertainment, while also needing low fees, I would highly recommend applying for the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard. In the past, I have let these kinds of products scare me away because I didn’t always understand all of the terms. But this card finally makes me feel like it is adding to my lifestyle in a positive way without any hidden fees/unnecessary features.

Let me know if you have any questions about the offer in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by HSBC but all opinions expressed are my own*

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