Created in 2016 in downtown Toronto, founder, Natalie Alysa, took the leap she always wanted to take in creating a platform to share her thoughts and ideas about fashion and becoming a young, female entrepreneur in the city.

Natalie aims to inspire others to live a life that is full of taking risks in order to make their dreams a reality while settling for nothing less. At a young age of 21, she completed her undergrad degree in Marketing Management and quickly realized that the key to happiness was truly in doing what she loves, which was getting creative through her style and sharing it on social media in her own individual way.

She has been able to work with a range of amazing brands such as, L’Oreal, Conair, McDonald’s, KRAFT, to help spread their messaging within her creative platforms.

Her goal is to create content which inspires young adult women to have a unique style, while living a motivated and passionate life doing what ever it is that excites them, and ultimately, be a girl-boss!