How to save $ from your night’s out ft. the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard

As a young entrepreneur living in the city, there is no shortage of dinner dates & night’s out in order to network for your business (& the must-have wine-night’s with your friends). This also brings on the need to be more aware of this kind of spending as food & entertainment can definitely become a major expense for anyone, especially living in a big city.

When it comes to spending on meals + entertainment, a credit card can be a major factor in having a solid financial plan & saving. As I move into adulthood, terms like “low interest rates”, “earning points” & “low annual fees” have suddenly become exciting to me. It’s funny how things change as you get older…This is why I was so excited to be invited to celebrate at the launch event of the new and unique HSBC Rewards +Mastercard for a night of the unexpected – and it sure was! We were taken on a journey through multiple cities around the world of themed rooms while having the chance to learn about the unique features of the credit card.

Here’s the low-down…

About the card:

The HSBC +Rewards Mastercard has one of the lowest interest rates in Canada at 11.9% while allowing you to earn points on your meals and entertainment which can be used on travel, savings accounts, etc. Like what!? Typically when you get a card with an interest rate that low, you don’t get the luxury of earning points on categories like this.

Here is more of a detailed list of the features it includes…


– the only credit card in the Canadian Market with a low 11.9% interest rate + rewards program

– the program offers double the points on dining & entertainment purchases (*eligible to merchants classified in the Mastercard network)

– a super unique design with hidden features activated by blacklight

– redeem points for travel, products/gift-cards, an HSBC mortgage, on another credit card, or savings account

– a low annual fee of $25/year

I mean…if you are going to be spending your money on food + drinks regardless, you mind as well be earning points while you are at it, right!?

How to apply for one:

So this offer is available until October 31st, 2019 and to apply for one of the cards you can apply online at: or visit your local branch! If you apply before the 31st you will receive an annual fee rebate for the Primary Cardholder for the first year and 5,000 sign-up bonus rewards points.

Alright guys, if you are someone like me who spends a good amount of their disposable budget on food + entertainment, while also needing low fees, I would highly recommend applying for the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard. In the past, I have let these kinds of products scare me away because I didn’t always understand all of the terms. But this card finally makes me feel like it is adding to my lifestyle in a positive way without any hidden fees/unnecessary features.

Let me know if you have any questions about the offer in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by HSBC but all opinions expressed are my own*

Sleep Review: Endy’s Canadian-Made Mattress

After finishing up University a couple years ago and moving into a new condo with my boyfriend, you could say that adult-life really kicked in (not always the easiest transition to say the least).

One of our biggest #adulting moments was having to start investing in new pieces for our condo which we knew was important as we would have these pieces for years to come. One of the items we really procrastinated on looking into was a new mattress. I feel like you don’t really know the difference between an ‘alright’ mattress and a great mattress until you actually sleep on a great mattress lol!

This was exactly the case for us as we had no idea what we were missing out on until learning about Endy. We got one of their Queen sized mattresses and it has been 6 months since our sleep has completely changed. For someone who loves their sleep, it’s been crazy to see how much better my sleep experience could actually get.

A mattress is a bigger expense, especially for those just transitioning into living on their own, like myself, so I wanted to take the time to tell you my honest opinions on the Endy mattress and what you can expect:

1. Less tossing and turning

So my boyfriend tends to move around a lot at night, like a lot, which also means I get woken up many times throughout the night when he does so. But, our new Endy mattress has totally eliminated this for me which is a miracle because I never wake up in the middle of the night when he moves around anymore.

The Endy mattress has what’s called a “Transition Foam” which provides a gradual transfer of energy to achieve zero motion transfer. So all in all, you can move around a ton and it won’t wake up your sleeping partner!

2. Dog-friendly

We also share the bed with our dog, Louie, who sleeps right under the covers at the bottom where our feet lie (it’s pretty cute). But, this also means that his hair gets through to the mattress which was of a concern for mattresses that can’t be easily washed.

The Endy mattress comes with a “Micro-Quilted Cover” which can be removed and easily washed at your own convenience. This was a major perk for me and having a dog who sleeps in the bed to keep things fresh and clean!

3. Better for sharing

Since there are three of us sleeping in the bed, things can get hot in temperature at night because of the body heat – especially in the summer months. My boyfriend and I are both pretty hot sleepers, so I was curious to see how a mattress could really help with this without having to blast A/C at night in the warmer months.
What I learnt about the Endy is that it has a “Comfort Foam” which allows for better air-flow than traditional memory foam, where it releases heat faster. The mattress stays consistently firm in all months of the year and is temperature regulated, so it really does help regulate your sleep between Canada’s season changes.

4. Comfort in the details

Not only were we able to try out their mattress, but also their customizable pillow. Yes, that’s a thing! I had no idea that a pillow could change so many things about a better quality sleep but my mind was blown after 6 months of sleeping on this pillow.

The Endy pillow has a built-in foam which can be customized based on the kind of sleeper you are. So if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, Endy has made the pillow in a way that can be customized to suit the way you sleep. Or, if you prefer a certain height and/or firmness to your pillow, this can be customized as well. Insane!

Final thoughts:

With all of these qualities combined, it has made for a much better sleep and more productive days for my boyfriend and I! There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night and waking up in a bad mood because of an uncomfortable sleep.

A good night’s sleep has made all the difference in being able to wake up earlier and feel energized to take on the day. We both work from home as entrepreneurs,  so this has really been the game-changer the past 6 months in helping us both feel that more more motivated to get our days going.

P.S.: Endy offers a 100 night trial, so if you don’t love it, they’ll pick it up and reimburse you. It’s also covered by a 10-year limited warranty. It also ships free to all provinces across Canada.

If you want to try out an Endy mattress, you can check out any of their showrooms. If you also choose to purchase one, you can use my code POPOFBLACK50 for $50 off any size of Endy Mattress.

Disclaimer: This post, along with all the Instagram posts and stories I’ve shared regarding Endy are sponsored. 

The One Item that Turns Any Outfit into a Cool One

When it comes to style, it doesn’t come down to having all of the trendiest pieces in your closet. But rather, having staple items that can turn any look into a cool one. I love to put together looks that are comfortable & have an instant street/cool vibe.

After doing some major Spring cleaning of my closet this past week and narrowing down on my core items, I realized that there was one item that always stays true, no matter what the season.

What is that you may ask? My trusty old pair of Dr. Martens.

Last Christmas I asked for a pair of Dr. Martens and my mom was laughing because she said she used to wear these when she was my age. I love how style comes around full circle!

The best part about these boots is that they literally look good with any everyday, casual outfit. Whether it might be mom jeans, skinny jeans, dresses or shorts, these boots turn any look into an instantly cool one.

I’m going to dive into how to style your Dr. Martens for Spring/Summer, Which style of Dr. Martens to buy, and where to buy Dr. Martens, all happening below!

Here are some ways you can wear Dr. Martens for Spring/Summer:

Paired with shorts:

Dr. Martens look amazing with biker shorts and/or jean shorts! Throw on a pair of Docs with either kind of shorts and an oversized tee/sweatshirt and you have an instantly cool street-style look.

Paired with a dress:

I love how Docs look paired with a mini dress! Especially if you aren’t typically a dress person (like myself), the boots give it a more casual & comfortable look for the Spring/Summer.

Paired with jeans:

Probably the most go-to option, you can never go wrong with a pair of your fav jeans and Doc’s. Whether they are a skinny jean, mom/boyfriend jean, they will look super cool and stylish with every kind of jean. Tuck a t-shirt into your jeans and you are good to go!

Paired with a skirt:

To get more creative, I absolutely love the look of Doc’s with a longline skirt. Especially with animal print skirts! This combo is instantly cool & comfortable for the Spring/Summer season.

What style of Dr. Martens to go for:

My absolute favourite style are the Jadon Boots. They have a thicker sole and are typically the style you will see most blogger’s wearing! Although they take a little bit to work in, they will last you for years, never scuff, and literally will get you through every season.

Where to buy the Dr. Marten Jadon Boots:

The Jadon boots have been a tough style to find lately with their recent popularity. But, I was able to dig up some places that they are currently available for you guys!

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”3515262″]

Do you guys already own a pair of Doc’s? If not, have I convinced you to get a pair? 😉

LMK in the comments below!

– Nat xx

LA Travel Diary

Last week – I jetted off to the City of Angels, aka, Los Angeles for work. LA has become one of my favourite cities to travel to after having gone there almost 5 times in 2018, which is why I wanted to now create this LA travel guide & diary for you guys!

After spending a good amount of time there, I have been able to build a list of places to go, from restaurants to cafe’s, to sight-seeing, that I feel are a must-see when visiting LA. Whether you are going for a week or just a few days, this guide will have everything you need to feel like a local & see all of the trendy spots.

I honestly could have put so many more options on this list, but wanted to keep it down to my favourites right now!

So, let’s get into it the LA travel guide!

Is an LA travel guide complete without the best shopping areas to check out?

Shopping / trendy areas to walk around:
Melrose Ave – located in West Hollywood, Melrose ave. is definitely my favourite spot to hangout at. From cafe’s to shopping, this street has everything you need to spend a typical LA afternoon. You will pass by everything from the Glossier store to high-end shops like Zimmerman. The window shopping is MAJOR to say the least. It’s also home to my absolute favourite coffee shop, which we will get to in a bit 😉

LA travel guide
Window shopping on Melrose Ave.

• Melrose Trading Post (every Sunday) – located right on Melrose Ave, every Sunday there is a really amazing flea market held there called the Melrose Trading Post. It’s not your typical flea market with flowers & fresh vegetables, but rather, a market with thrift-style clothing, jewelry and home-goods that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you just want to walk around or hunt down a really cool graphic tee, this is the perfect Sunday spot to be at in LA.

LA travel guide
Melrose Trading Post

• Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive) – When I first walked down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, it truly felt like another planet. With the palm tree’s lining the street and the luxurious shops, it felt like something out of a movie set! Besides the high-end stores, they also have stores like ‘Sephora’ and ‘& Other Stories’ in the area as well, so it’s another great spot to do some shopping!

LA travel guide
Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills Hotel (Cafe) – Next up for my LA travel guide is the “restaurants” category. If you want to do some celebrity sighting and have the most amazing truffle fries you have ever tasted, I highly recommend going to the Beverly Hills Hotel (the cafe) for lunch. The cafe is open to the public and is a truly iconic hotel in LA. While we were there this past week, we walked up and the Jonas Brothers were there (my 13 year old self was screaming!). It is definitely a more pricey brunch/lunch option, but is worth it for an amazing experience!

LA travel guide
Outside the lobby at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Catch LA – if you are looking for more of a lounge type vibe for dinner, Catch is definitely a great option. It is a seafood restaurant located in West Hollywood and has everything you would want in an LA night-life experience. It’s the perfect spot to go with friends for a drink and some amazing food!

Gracias Madre – another West Hollywood restaurant, but with a vegan, Mexican food menu. If you like tacos, this is the spot to be at! It has a huge outdoor patio and is a really cool spot for lunch or dinner.

• The Butcher’s Daughter– we can’t forget about an amazing brunch option & LA is home to many! But, one of my favourites has to be The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice Beach. It’s perfect for a Saturday/Sunday morning because you are right near the beach & along a really cute street (Abbot Kinney blvd.) with tons of shops!

LA travel guide
Brunch @ The Butchers Daughter (Venice)

Cafe’s/Coffee Shops:
Alfred Coffee – Probably my favourite part of my LA travel guide is the coffee shop category. Remember that coffee shop that I mentioned was my favourite on Melrose Ave.? Well, his name is Alfred Coffee & I SWEAR, if you go to LA and are into a good coffee shop, this is the spot to be at. It is home to probably the best iced vanilla latte I have ever had & also has the cutest aesthetic inside. It also has an outdoor patio, perfect to sit and do some people watching on Melrose Ave.

LA travel guide
Alfred Coffee (Melrose)

Carrera Cafe – this past trip was my first time trying out Carrera Cafe (also located on Melrose Ave.)! It was maybe the coolest cafe I have ever been to because you can get personalized latte art. I, of course, had to go with something fashion related and this LV print art was just too good to pass up. & so photo-worthy!

LA travel guide
Carrera Cafe

Urth Caffe – Urth is a super trendy spot which is definitely somewhere that all the locals hang out at (also on Melrose Ave. – can you see a trend here?). It has organic smoothies, bubble tee’s, juices & healthier food options (also the BEST avocado toast). The outdoor patio is perfect on a nice day (aka everyday in LA).

Venice Beach Boardwalkalthough not a spot for everyone, it is a must-see when you go to LA. Venice Beach Boardwalk is home to a lot of art, culture, cannabis lol, & street performances right along the boardwalk of the beach. There are shops all along the boardwalk with more “touristey” type items & restaurants with outdoor patios. It is also the perfect spot to hop on a “Byrd” which are electric scooters you can ride all around LA. Simply setup your credit card, hop on and go for a ride along the boardwalk!

LA travel guide
Venice Beach Boardwalk

Santa Monica Pier – Last but not least on the LA travel guide is the Santa Monica Pier. The pier has a full beach & amusement park, featuring its iconic ferris wheel. There are tons of restaurants in the area near the beach, with specialties of seafood cuisines. Also, you might even spot the cutest seals swimming along the pier!

LA travel guide
Santa Monica Pier

Alright guys – that marks the end of my LA travel guide! I hope this can help you guys with some spots to check out on your next trip to LA. I will definitely do a part 2 of this if you guys enjoy it, where I can feature a whole new list of places to see!

Want to shop all my looks from LA? Click here.

Nat xo

Who & What I’m Celebrating This Month

With new seasons comes new goals and motivation for trying something new. Celebrating this month with See No Evil Organic Shiraz!

I have been thinking a lot about taking chances on yourself lately…
I remember I used to look at other women who took the chance on themselves to become entrepreneurs, whether a blogger/influencer, fashion designer, honestly anyone with an idea & hustle to go for it. I would think to myself, “ugh, I know I could do that. I want to do that.”

When I think back, the crazy part is that I almost let fear get in the way…
of taking a chance/risk on myself to start something I felt passionate about. I remember going back and forth, can I do this? This is kind of a crazy idea. Fast forward to today & I am fully working for myself as a fashion blogger and now owner of my new business, HER SWAY CO. All because I took the risk & believed I could. Woah – so that really works?

What I want to get at here is, imagine if I hadn’t taken that risk?
I wouldn’t be here today living my passions through. But, there sure would’ve been another girl who simply believed in herself more to just go for it. & I still would’ve been thinking to myself, “ugh, I know I could do that. I want to do that.” All of us have talent, but it’s the confidence and believing in yourself that sets apart the people who do it & those who maybe never will.


So, this month, I’m celebrating the risk-takers, the dreamers, the creatives…
If it weren’t for you taking that risk, I maybe wouldn’t have felt inspired to do the same. & to those who have supported my ideas, thank you! I wouldn’t be here with out you either.

With a fresh season upon us, it’s a great time to celebrate the year so far & set some new goals for ourselves.


To all you girls out there who have that idea that seems too crazy…
I’m here to tell you to go for it & I’m celebrating you as well. It takes a lot to even come up with an idea. Those ideas, dreams, passions, are never going to leave you. They will always be there in the back of your mind. Always, always, always, take a risk & chance on happiness and to live a purposeful life. I promise, it’s worth it. & hey, with enough of a plan, those dreams will actually become your reality.

“All good things start with a dream. The dream becomes a vision. The vision because a plan. The plan becomes a reality.”


image_6483441 (1).JPG

I am super excited to have this post sponsored by Speak No Evil Organic Shiraz
giving me the chance to celebrate & cheers to all of you! I’m not one to drink a ton during the week, but when I do crave a glass, I appreciate a good wine with good taste, especially when there is something to celebrate!

What’s amazing about this wine is that it’s organic (the first Organic Shiraz at the LCBO). What I love most about it is the fruity taste of blackberries & plums, which is what I tend to go for in comparison to a more dry red wine. It’s also super affordable priced at $15.95/bottle (for you girls on a budget for your next Netflix + wine night). The bottle is super cool and “instagrammable” as a side note 😉

Learn more about Speak No Evil Organic Shiraz!


This post was generously sponsored by Speak No Evil Organic Shiraz, the opinions are my own and in no way do they reflect that of Speak No Evil.