GRWM! My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys!

Decided to make a video showing you guys the products I use for my everyday makeup routine. It is a very simple and natural look, super easy for you guys to re-create in your own way 🙂 Hope you enjoy xx

I apologize if you can’t see the detail of the look as much as you would like to, I need to invest in a better camera with auto-focus :):) But, hope you guys enjoy seeing what products I use & how I use them…

* All the products are linked in the bio of the video for you guys to check out *


Damaged hair repair, a topic a lot of us ladies are probably googling with summer coming to an end (I am sorry to say it but the first official day of Fall is like a month away…shit, where did summer go?). I was sitting in my room the other week trying to curl my hair, realizing how absolutely lifeless and fried it had become after all of the heat and product that had gone into it this summer. Every August, for this same reason, I book an appointment to get my hair coloured and cut, and try out some new revitalizing products to bring my hair back to life! And let me tell you, it always feels SO GOOD to have it done. With a new season around the corner, you want to feel fresh and ready for change, so why not change your hair care routine too? New season, new you, right? Read along for my post summer tips for damaged hair repair!



I was so thankful to partner with infusium23 Canada on this blog post, to share with you guys their three-step hair treatment regimen. This three step process has a conditioner, shampoo and a leave-in treatment spray (which is absolutely amazing for damaged hair repair). I tried their “Moisture Replenisher” products (they also have “Repair & Renew” and “Color Defender”), which helps hydrate dry/dull hair and helps replenish your hair with moisture and shine. THAT’S WHAT IM TALKIN’ ABOUT. It’s also infused with Avocado Oil (SOLD on anything avocado related) and Olive oil! The best part, they aren’t even crazy expensive, being sold at around $8.99 per bottle at places like Walmart & Shoppers Drug Mart! After using the three step process, I have already noticed such a difference in the healthiness of my hair. Usually when I need to buy shampoo & conditioner, I pick up a different kind every time, never being totally satisfied. I am so happy to have found a go-to process!



I don’t know about you guys but once Fall rolls around I start googling and pinterest-ing “Fall hair colors”, excited to try something new. The funny thing is, I am usually very predictable and always go darker around Fall (am I basic or just trendy?). Getting your hair done is such a great way to rejuvenate your hair, getting rid of any old summer colours (you know you have that blonde ombre right now!), and trim off all of the fried dead ends.  I was so happy to go and get my hair done at Trevor Odho Studio, located on Bloor West in Toronto. He trimmed off all of my dead ends and gave me a beautiful rich, dark brown hair colour, styling it with some loose curls. For any of you ladies looking for a hair salon, I highly recommend his studio, he does some amazing work, specializing in blond colouring, and does some SICK braiding/styling (check out his instagram here: @trevorodhostudios)!




The great thing that I have noticed about the infusium23 products is that they really do leave your hair looking shiny and feeling soft. After getting your hair done & washing/styling it for the first time, I know I get upset thinking my products just won’t leave the same finish as the professional ones did at the salon. I used the three step process again in the following photo & my hair was still looking so lush and shiny- yay!




So, a lot of you may not know this, but I actually have naturally super curly hair. Luckily, these infusium23 products are also made to help restore the natural beauty of the hair! I have made it a goal of mine to not use heat every time I style my hair and actually just leave it naturally curly. For those of you with curly/wavy hair: Trevor, who owns the hair salon I went to, said by using the infusium23 leave in treatment when your hair is wet, you can comb the product through, and then start twisting your hair and creating the curls across your whole head. This will help define the curls and prevent them from looking frizzy! I tried this today and for once my curls didn’t look like a frizzy mess, thanks to the combo between the infusium23 leave-in treatment spray and this new curling technique! I am sorry I don’t have a photo of my natural curls, but will definitely post one on my instagram the next time I leave it natural, because I’m finally loving how it looks!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post summer tips for damaged hair repair, and let me know in the comments if you have any special tips as well!

This post was sponsored by infusium23 Canada.


*all the photos above I am wearing zero eye makeup!

Hey guys!

So after hearing soooo many girls say how much they are obsessed with getting lash extensions done, I couldn’t help but want to try it out myself…and I am SO happy I did.

I went scrolling on instagram to find someone to do my lashes and came across @lashagency who has such a pretty instagram feed (of course this caught my eye!) & the lashes looked so beautiful & natural! Lash Agency is owned by a #bosslady named Jillian who is sooo talented- you guys need to check her out! She makes you feel so welcomed, plays great music, & is always down to chat about life, what more could you want while getting your lashes done?

The best thing about them is how truly natural they look. When I got mine done I had multiple people telling me that they looked natural, which personally, is what I wanted! Jillian also lashes every single lash (apparently I have A LOT of lashes, I’m sorry Jillian!), sits down and asks you what shape you are looking for and also has affordable prices compared to some of the salons that do lash extensions.

What I love most about lash extensions is that you wake up in the morning and feel like you have already done your eye makeup. I have not worn mascara in weeks…it feels so liberating! It is recommended that every 3 weeks you get a ‘fill’ done because they just naturally start to fall off the tip of your natural lash.

I would say the hardest part about getting lash extensions done for me was staying still & keeping my eyes closed while having them put on. Tip: don’t drink coffee before your appointment because it makes your eyes flicker like crazy haha. You really just have to relax, some people have told me that they fall asleep while getting it done!

So, overall I am super happy with my lash extensions & it is definitely going to be a new addition to my monthly beauty routine. Comment below if you guys have any questions- I would love to help you out if you are unsure about getting them done!

Hope you enjoyed! xx

– Natalie

If you want to book an appointment at Lash Agency:
Go to the Lash Agency Instagram: @lashagency