5 Ways to Start Taking Risks Towards Your Dream Job

I get a lot of questions about how I managed to become a full-time blogger right out of school. I can see the apprehensive looks on people’s faces when they hear me say that I blog and create content on social media for a living, almost like they are calculating how I could possibly live off of a “blogger income”. Or, the typical response is, “Oh wow…you do that? full-time, for real?”. Yes, FOR REAL!

When I think back to how I did it, a lot of it came down to taking risks & trusting my passion and work ethic to figure things out. We all have that little voice inside of our gut telling us that we have a bigger purpose or passion, it’s just believing in it that most of us find to be the tricky part.  Trust me, at time’s I too, doubted myself, but once I took that risk, I haven’t looked back.

I recently finished reading the book, You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (p.s. a must read for any one wanting to go after the life they want, aka all of us), and I read this one quote that hit me so hard (it’s pretty deep, so be ready lol).

_Most people tiptoe their way through life, hoping they safely make it to death_ - Earl Nightingale..png

K, can we take in how true that is!? We all literally walk through life being scared to make meaningful changes because we are scared of financial impacts, what people may think, or our limiting beliefs that we might not be able to do it. But, the only truth we know is, we all have one shot at this life so why not make it the most badass version we possibly can for ourselves? I can already hear people saying things like: “but I have rent to pay”, “but it’s just SO competitive”, “but I want to buy a house”. BUT, BUT, BUT. Have you ever thought that you could buy a house while also making money doing something you love? You can literally make money doing anything you want, as long as you have a ton of passion & drive.

Ok, I won’t get too too deep on that anymore, but for real though, think about that!!

Basically, I just feel super passionate about this whole topic and it makes me upset when I can see people who are just so scared to take a risk, when I know for a fact they will succeed in whatever they do. So, here are 5 ways that you can start building up the courage to take risks towards your dream job and ultimately, live your dream life!

1. Surround yourself with other badass people who are living out their dreams.

This one is so important. For me, this was a big way I felt inspired and courageous enough to take the risk. When you are constantly surrounded by other people who are living out their dreams, it makes you question why you aren’t doing the same for yourself. The motivation, passion and drive from these kinds of people will start to rub off on you, giving you those same positive feelings.

Think about hanging out with someone who is a total drag, is negative about life, hate’s their job and just goes on and on about it. How would you feel after hanging out with them? I know the feeling & it makes you want to climb into bed and drown in their same misery.

But, picture hanging out with a friend who just started her own business, is travelling a ton, & her passion radiates, making you feel confident, refreshed and inspired knowing there’s people out there living like that. THOSE are the people you need in your life right now.

2. Listen to podcasts & read books about other successful people in your field.

Listening and reading about other entrepreneurial women’s success stories is a great way to gain that confidence in yourself. Hearing about the struggles, the ups/downs, & how fulfilled they are today, is super motivating. Keep feeding your self with these stories!

A couple of my favourite podcasts to listen and learn from other entrepreneurial women are: The Influencer Podcast, & Girl Boss Radio. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Write down your goals, read back your goals, envision your goals, go to sleep thinking about your goals, BE YOUR GOALS.

Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Grab your pen and paper guys!! I am a total believer in this because I swear it is true. I usually write a yearly goal list, and a monthly goal list, and for the most part, I look back and see that I have checked off if not most, all of the goals on the list. There is something about writing things down that really allows you to put it into practise and believe it to be true.

After sitting down and writing these goals down, read them back when ever you are feeling uninspired. Go to sleep at night picturing what it would look like for you to have these goals happen and be your truth! It may sound crazy, but the more you think and believe something to be true, the more you put intention into these goals on a day to day basis.

4. Just START. Prove to yourself in small ways that you can make it a success.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from working for myself is to simply just start. Whether you have dreamt of making a blog and you have been putting it off, or you want to start posting your outfits on instagram, just do it! It will never be perfect at the beginning. Trust me, when I look back at my first blog posts and outfit photos on instagram, I can’t believe how much I have evolved (scroll down my feed on IG if you dare lol!). But, the point here is, I wouldn’t have gotten here today if I was too focused on having the perfect chance to start taking photos.

The best part about this is, you will start proving to yourself that you can be successful even if its in small ways. Maybe you start posting outfit photos and you have a few people comment how much they love your style! These are small wins that add up to the bigger goal in the end! Prove to yourself that you can do it, even in the smallest ways and you will be surprised at how that risk-taker inside of you might just wake up one morning wanting to take over!

5. Practise Self LOVE.

The more confident you are with yourself, the more you trust your ability to make things happen for yourself. This is something I have learnt over time (and am still learning), but will take you places you only dreamt of.


I don’t know about you guys, but there is something about Spring that makes me feel alive again after those long, cold, winter months. Especially in Toronto, you can feel everyone’s energy shift and everyone is just in a way better mood!

I definitely feel more inspired once the warmer weather hits, which is why I wanted to create a blog post with a ‘snapshot’ of my Spring favourites, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle changes! Overall, just things that are making me feel good this Spring! Hopefully this can get you guys feeling inspired to take on this new Spring season in a positive way and really start enjoying the little things you love!


Taking 10 Minutes to Myself Throughout the Day

So, when it comes to lifestyle favourites, it really comes down to one major idea, which is to take 10 minutes (at least) out of your day to focus on you. I have found this to be so important lately in order to step away from work, Instagram, and any stresses that may be going on to just meditate and clear my head.

One of my favourite things to do, especially now that it is nice out, is to go out on my balcony with a good book, grab a refreshing beverage, my music, and just relax for 10 minutes or more! You will be surprised at how beneficial this can be for your mindset within the day. Here are some of my favourite things to set the mood and get you started with “taking 10”:

Favourite Book:
“Girl Code”: This book is the ultimate read for any female entrepreneur! It sets your mindset to collaborate and celebrate other women and how doing so will be the key to your success and happiness. It is one of those books you can read over and over because it is super motivational and inspiring with tons of examples from various girl-bosses!

Favourite Refreshing Drink:
SunRype Slim: I recently was introduced to this low calorie beverage, SunRype Slim, and am totally hooked (I am a sucker for a refreshing drink). It tastes great has no artificial flavors or colours, no aspartame, and has only 10 calories per serving (250ml) – *beach-bod ready*. They taste great and there are so many different flavours to choose from, including, SunRype Slim Blueberry Burst, Cranberry Twist, Lemon Drop Lemonade, Long Island Iced Tea and Tropical Mango. Better yet, they make amazing mixers for a ton of alcohol drinks! If you want to give it a try, you can find them in the non-refrigerated aisle of your grocery store! I promise, it will make taking 10 so much better!

Favourite Music:
John Mayer – “The Search for Everything”: If you are looking for a super chill & relaxing album, John Mayer is always your go-to guy. This album will definitely set the mood for your time to “take 10”!


Funky Sunglasses

All of these funky sunglasses have definitely been a fashion favourite of mine this season! They are the perfect way to complete any day-to-day look, giving it that little bit of edge & trendiness. Which pair is your fav!? Comment down below!

The “Dad” Sneakers

So, let’s talk about the infamous “dad” sneakers. These shoes have been taking over the fashion blogger world, with tons of them all over Instagram! Honestly, I am always on the hunt for the latest fashion trends and when I saw these, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair. First of all, they are so comfortable and also, they basically go with any casual, street-style look, so I am hooked! Thoughts? Would you guys wear these?


Having a Sun-Kissed Glow

After those dull Winter months are over, I can’t wait to have sun-kissed skin again! I luckily just got back from Los Angeles a few weeks ago, so I was able to get a nice base to kick off the Spring season. But, I definitely wanted to keep up with this nice glow, so I’ve been using self-tanning lotions with my regular beauty routine!

I hope my spring favourites inspire you to reflect on the things that make you feel good this spring. And don’t forget my most important feel-good tip –to take 10 minutes to yourself, whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 seconds, focusing on you is the most important part of your day!


Discover More With SunRype Slim 10!

This post has been generously sponsored by Sun-Rype, the opinions are my own and in no way do they reflect Sun-Rype.

Selling The Purse That Started My Blogging Career on MCouture

When I got my first designer purse, it was the most amazing feeling ever. For all of you girls out there who love fashion and can relate to this feeling, you totally know what I mean (basically a fashion dream come true!). The bag ended up having the most significance in my career as a blogger and now I am selling it…

I got the purse for my 21st birthday as a gift from my boyfriend, and let me tell you, I didn’t even pick it out or give him any hints. He picked it out 100% and that is when you know you 100% picked the right guy!

It is the Alexander Wang Prisma Crossbody Bag. It was the most perfect choice because it had the right amount of edge to it, yet versatile enough that I could wear it on the daily. These types of pieces are exactly what kind of style I like (minimal with a bit of edge). But, now I am listing it on MCouture to sell!

You guys can shop the bag here: http://bit.ly/2J2fz5b

When I first heard of MCouture, it made me super excited because I was kind of itching to upgrade to a new purse as a new step into my career as a blogger (more on that in a few). MCouture is a Canadian website for you to shop pre-loved luxury products. They make it super easy to sell your beloved designer pieces, knowing it will go into the right hands! So, I decided to sell the bag as I have got a ton of use from it & whenever it sells, I will go on the hunt for a new bag!

P.S. MCouture also has a ton of bags I already have my eye on (*dreams of a Chanel*).

I feel a mix of emotions letting go of it because it has so much significance! When I first got it, it was when I had just started my blog, Pop of Black. As a way to kickstart my blogging career, having a new purse that I had fallen in love with and was so special, really gave me some of the confidence and motivation to get out on the street and take some outfit photos while wearing it. It really did define my overall style when you look back at a lot of my posts on instagram from about a year ago.

Now that I have taken my career to another level, as a full-time job almost a year later, I feel like it is time to get a new purse-baby to kickstart a new chapter in my work!

If you guys have any suggestions for what bag I should upgrade to, comment below! xx

This post was sponsored by MCouture, but all views are 100% honest and my own. 

17 Lessons Learned in 2017

2017 was like, “the year of realizing stuff”, and I am laying it all out here for you! Through graduating University and diving into my own business, I definitely learned a lot & wanted to share some of “this stuff” with you guys. Enjoy! xx

1. You are defined more by what you say no to & the few things you say yes to.
Saying yes to everything will only make you stressed & anxious and feel like your time isn’t as valuable than it really is. Say yes to what you actually want to say yes to & don’t settle for less. Say no when it doesn’t feel right, so simple.

2. Positive energy brings positive outcomes in day to day life.
Simple things like smiling at people on the street & just being kind to random people will bring you back more positivity in your day than you think!
3. Manifesting your goals & the life you want really works…with hard work.
Every morning I wake up & take a conscious minute to myself to envision what I want in life. It can be simple. But, the trick is, you still have to work hard. These two combined together is an unbeatable plan!

4. It is okay to have bad days & it is important to accept those feelings.
With all of this positivity talk, it sometimes gets overwhelming because what about those days you just don’t feel happy? Well, that’s okay. Accept the feelings you are feeling, learn from it, & move on to a new day.

5. Sometimes you may “outgrow” people & that is just life.
As you grow as a person, some people in your life may not grow with you, which is totally fine. Life has its ways of bringing people in and out of your life when they are meant to be that way.

6. It is so important to surround yourself with people who make you feel empowered & positive.
I once read a quote that you are “the combination of the five people you surround yourself most with”. Be choosy about those 5 people and make sure that they leave you feeling positive!

7. With hard work in anything, money follows.
A lot of people get discouraged to follow their passions as a career because they think there is no money to be made. Totally wrong. When you put your mind to it money, follows. If you want something bad enough, you will figure it out one way or another!

8. Nothing good comes easy or quickly.
When they say patience is a virtue, it really is true. Anything good in life takes time to build and you just can’t give up. You will know that you want something bad enough when you will take however long it takes to get there.

9. Comparing yourself to others is the most pointless thing, EVER.
Comparing yourself is what I call, the epidemic of the 21st century. With social media, it really has created a never-ending spiral of comparing yourself. But, I realized in 2017, that there really is no point. Remember these three things next time you feel like you are comparing yourself: No one has the same end goals as you, no one can do it the same as you do, & seeing some one else do it is just a reminder that it is possible.

10. Support other women on their successes and journey’s.
For some reason, girls have such a tendency to compare and feel jealous and then in-turn be catty to other girls. Why not support the girl who just got a big promotion by writing a nice comment on her post? I recently read a book called, Girl Code, a must read for all women about the power of supporting other women!

11. Accept your love for Mcdonald’s, overpriced latte’s & binge watching Netflix, it makes you happy.
Lol – don’t have much to say about this one.

12. Read more books.
When I was younger, I used to read through multiple books in a week. My mom actually told me to slow down because it was costing her so much spending money at Chapters. Once I went to University, I stopped reading for pleasure because well, I just had no time. Recently, I started reading for fun again and it feels SO good. You enter another world for a moment and forget about your phone!

13. Make decisions and just stick with it. 
I realized I have a tendency to make a decision and then question my decision a few times over. As a wise women named Anna Wintour once said, “people respond well to those who are sure of what they want”. Being sure in your decisions & believing in yourself to make decisions will go a long way in contributing to your success in life.

14. Work smart, not hard.
Plan out your goals each week & conquer them. Don’t get all crazy filling your day with pointless work. If you have time to spare, then great, put that time back into yourself & do something that makes you feel good.

15. Travel more. 
Some of my best memories have been when I have travelled. Although, I usually have every kind of excuse in the book as to why I can’t go away, whether it is money/timing/weather, blah, blah, blah. I have been telling myself I want to travel more because, honestly, what is life all about if you can’t see the world we live in? Get ready for some travel photos coming your way to insta this year guys 😉

16. Gratitude is the most accessible form of happiness in day-to-day life.
Someone will always have more than you & someone will always have less than you. When life gets crazy, take a step back and focus on what makes you grateful for the life you are living today.

17. Follow that part of you that excites you & makes you feel free. Just run with it and remember these 17 things…I promise you, it will be the best choice you ever made.

– Natalie xx

Cozy Everyday Winter Looks: Mini Lookbook

Introducing my new series – #minilookbook! These will be 10-20 second videos exclusive to my instagram account (yay!!). I have been wanting to create something like this for a while now, so I decided, why not now? It will be fun to have different themes each month & to highlight some of my fav pieces! For the first #minilookbook, I am featuring two cozy everyday winter looks.

Hope you guys enjoy! See below all of the links to each outfit which you can shop directly. xx

Outfit 1:

Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket
Jean Machine Grey Knit Turtleneck
Custard Knit Beanie
Over the Knee Suede Boots (Shop Similar)

Outfit 2:

Faux Fur Oversized Hoodie
Faux Leather Leggings
Black & White Sneakers
Cat Eye Sunglasses